Golden Royal Casino

Golden Royal Casino

Golden Royal Casino

Live Demo:

The game concept is simple. One can bet on any given number and can win 10x the bet. Once can bet on multiple numbers to increase the chance of winning.

How to play?
Select any chip that available i.e. 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 chips. They are multiples of 1000 coins.
Click on the number on which you want to place a bet.
Maximum 5 places you can bet.
Maximum 150 chip value or 150000 coins value you can bet.
Then click the spin button.
After payout. You can re-bet on same place by clicking rebet button.
If you want to change you can clear the bets and change your bet.
You can turn on/off the music if you want by clicking music button.

What about Back-End development?
PHP with Composer package manager is implemented for easy future updates for the packages. Backend is handling the payout logic for the game after validating the request on every spin. It validates data, JWT token and then generates a number which is mapped to another random array for security.

Why this game?
This game is developed as a template to create as many games as possible in the same lines or on other categories of games which allow restricted access to game play. This template has following features and improvements are on the go. This game is built on PWA concept.

Features covered:
1. Security at high priority for real money game play
2. PHP development with composer module loader
3. JSON validator for PHP, validates request object against JSON schema
4. Restricted XSS attacks
5. Restricted SQL injection using PHP PDOs
6. Phaser 3 game
7. PWA with dialog to install app in local
8. JWT for authentication for APIs which restricts CSRF
9. Login
10. Register
11. Restricted access
12. Webpack build setup to create minified chunks

Mobile Responsive?
No. The game is not responsive. To make it fit to mobile, one should load this game inside iframe and scale the iframe width to display width.

Why PWA?
Progressive web apps are the future to distribute updates as and when there is an updated version of the game. The updates are pushed to client as they connect to the game or app.

What about Security?
Security is being taken as the top most priority for the application, keeping in mind the real money game play. This app has PHP as backend and MySQL as its Database in v 1.0. In future the support of MongoDB and NodeJs will be developed.

In PHP we have PDOs to query the database which makes the database integrity and secure. The request is sent to server through POST and JSON format, the request object is encrypted. On backend we have JSON Validator which validates every request. Stops XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection, etc. through multiple levels of security checks.

JWT is being implemented for user authentication through token systems.
APIs are generated for user registration, login and game access.
Frontend security is also being taken care by using Webpack bundling system, base64 encoded requests to APIs, game access only after user registers and logs in.

What about the game framework?
The game is developed by using HTML5, JavaScript and Phaser 3 framework. Graphic elements are being created as sprite sheet and being used. Animations are in Phaser code.

Where is the payout logic of game implemented?
Payout logic of the game is implemented at backend. This game has a bank balance which is the JACKPOT amount. Every time a user is winning, the payout is being made from bank. Every time user loses the amount is being added to the bank. This way the JACKPOT amount is being updated.

How is the payouts being calculated?
This is the secret. At backend, we have many parameters which is being considered to generate the random number on which the payout is made. It checks for bank balance for the game, checks for user consistency, bet amount, coins values, and much more based on which the payouts are made.

Can I integrate this game for real money game play?
Yes. If you have all permissions from required authorities, you can launch the game as a real money game play. Payment gateway integration is still pending in v 1.0. Very soon will integrate PayPal payment gateway. Later on demand can be added more providers.

What can you expect from us?
We are there to support you through 24×7. For any kind of feature requirements, you can drop a message or a comment. We are ready to help you with in your budget. We are ready to setup multiple games with this framework for your next big online presence.

What assets I will get?
The game source, the Database SQL queries, PHP code for the backend, end to end help document for the developers. All code well commented.

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