Phaser 3 3D Dice Class: Customizable

Phaser 3 3D Dice Class: Customizable


Phaser 3.11 3D Dice Class: Customizable

Ready for mobile: One can easily use the Dice class in any kind of mobile app development. Initiate the dice class like `new Dice(x,x,x,x,x)`. Create a random number while creating the Dice class and assign it. It will stop on that number.

Accepts a number to stop at: Each Dice accepts a number to stop at. One should handle the random number generation logic in server side. This dice should only work at front end to stop on that random number fed to it. Before payout, compare the number generated from front end with the number sent from server. That way we can restrict any kind of hack.

Multiple Die integration: One can include any number of Die in a game. Tested with 500 die which works perfect without a hick up.

The Dice class accepts a sprite image which has six faces of a dice. Sprite images can be generated in any fashion which goes with the theme of the game. Even transparent sprites can also be used.

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