HTML 5 Canvas JavaScript nine slice

Nine slice is a great concept for reusable images for buttons and modal creation. Always use a square image or 48×48 pixel with rounded corners from 3 to 15 pixel. The term “nine-slice” typically refers to a technique used in computer graphics and user interface design, especially in the context of 2D graphical elements or

Library of ui elements for javascript games

In a JavaScript game, UI (User Interface) elements play a crucial role in providing a user-friendly and interactive experience. These elements enhance gameplay, display important information, and allow players to interact with the game. Here are some common UI elements you might find in a JavaScript game: Remember that the choice of UI elements depends

CreateJs tic-tac-toe game source code

Codesandbox example here In this code, the findBestMove function iterates through the empty cells on the game board and simulates placing the AI player’s (‘O’) piece in each of them. It then calculates the score using the minimax algorithm to evaluate the potential outcome of that move. The copyBoard function is used to create a

React 18 Tic-tac-toe game with hooks

styles.css Working game here In this code, the minimax function calculates the scores for each possible move recursively. It evaluates the current state of the game and returns a score based on whether the AI player (‘O’) or the human player (‘X’) has the advantage. The isMaximizing parameter indicates whether the function should maximize
Phaser 3

Pixel perfect hittest with phaser 3 without physics

Performing pixel-perfect hit testing without using the built-in physics engine in Phaser 3 requires comparing the pixel data of two sprites. Below, I’ll outline a basic approach to achieve pixel-perfect hit testing between two sprites in Phaser 3 without using the physics engine: You can use below code for quick test of PixelPerfectHitTesting Another example
Phaser 3

Create a 2d snake game with linked list using Phaser JavaScript framework

Creating a full-fledged 2D snake game with linked lists using the Phaser JavaScript framework involves several steps and a significant amount of code. Below, I’ll provide you with a simplified version of the game to get you started. Keep in mind that this code won’t cover all possible features and optimizations, but it should give

What is Hud icon in games

Heads-Up Display (HUD) icons in games are graphical elements displayed on the screen to provide players with essential information without requiring them to navigate complex menus. These icons contribute to the overall user experience and enhance gameplay by offering quick access to critical information. Here are some common features of HUD icons in games: Overall,