Making Money with Phaser JavaScript Games

Making money with Phaser JavaScript games can be a rewarding endeavor if you create engaging games and utilize various monetization strategies. Here are some ways you can potentially generate income with Phaser games: Remember that success in the game development industry often requires a combination of creativity, marketing, and persistence. It may take time to

A Simple P5Js avoider Game Template

An “avoider game” is a type of video game where the player controls a character or object, and the goal is to avoid or evade various obstacles, enemies, or hazards for as long as possible. The gameplay typically becomes progressively more challenging, testing the player’s reflexes, spatial awareness, and decision-making skills. Here’s a concept for

P5Js fireworks source code

Using fireworks as a celebratory effect when a player wins a game is a fantastic way to add excitement and satisfaction to the gaming experience. Fireworks are visually appealing and can create a sense of achievement and joy for the player. Here’s how you can incorporate fireworks into a game to celebrate a win: 1.

P5Js Snake Game source code

Creating a 2D Snake game involves the concept of controlling a snake that moves around a grid or game board, eating food to grow longer while avoiding collisions with the walls of the game board and the snake’s own body. Here’s a more detailed concept of a 2D Snake game: 1. Game Board and Grid: