Advanced PHP MySQL based user signup, login, forgot password script with email and password fields for a game projectAdvanced

Using PDO and JSON schema validator on above example how to use PDO (PHP Data Objects) for database interactions and a simple JSON schema validation in the PHP scripts. We’ll also make use of the json-schema library for JSON schema validation. You can install it using Composer: composer require justinrainbow/json-schema Here’s the updated PHP code

JavaScript Puzzle game source code

Creating a JavaScript puzzle game can be a fun and engaging project. Here’s a concept for a simple puzzle game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Game Concept: Tile Swap Puzzle Objective: The player’s goal is to rearrange the tiles to form a complete image or pattern. Game Mechanics: Game Flow: Additional Features: Technologies: Libraries and

Optimizing HTML5 Games for Performance

Optimizing the performance of HTML5 games is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for players. Here are some key strategies and techniques for optimizing HTML5 games: 2. Asset Loading and Caching: 3. Optimize Graphics: 4. Minimize Memory Usage: 5. Efficient Collision Detection: 6. Level Design Considerations: 7. Optimize Game Logic: 8. Audio

Selling JavaScript game templates to make passive income

Selling JavaScript game templates can be a great way to generate passive income, especially if you have strong coding skills and an understanding of game development. Here are steps to get started: Remember that success in selling JavaScript game templates will require time and effort. Staying up-to-date with web development trends, maintaining the quality of

Making Money with Phaser JavaScript Games

Making money with Phaser JavaScript games can be a rewarding endeavor if you create engaging games and utilize various monetization strategies. Here are some ways you can potentially generate income with Phaser games: Remember that success in the game development industry often requires a combination of creativity, marketing, and persistence. It may take time to

Playing Cards High Low game

The High Low card game is a simple and entertaining game that can be played with a standard deck of playing cards. The game is often used as a fun way to pass the time or as a drinking game among friends. Here’s how you can play the High Low card game: Objective:The objective of

Phaser 3.60.0 word search game logic

A word search game is a popular and engaging puzzle game where players are presented with a grid of letters, and they need to find specific words hidden within that grid. The words can be placed in various directions (horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or even backward), and players must locate them by drawing a line connecting

Match 3 game source code

A match-three game is a popular genre of puzzle games in which players must match three or more identical items or symbols to clear them from the game board and score points. These games are known for their addictive gameplay and are often found on mobile devices and web platforms. Here’s a concept overview for